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Find products to ease aches and pains, strengthen your arms, or make daily tasks more manageable.

Helps prevent pain associated with thumb arthritis by supporting the base of the thumb.

Helps prevent wrist pain by providing external stability.

Helps prevent trigger finger, Boutonniere and swan neck deformities

Ease hand pain due to arthritis, joint pain, fractures, and more

Refill your paraffin. Available in 5 scents.

Decrease swelling in your hand with this edema glove.

Keeps your hands warm and helps with swelling with activities.

Great way to strengthen your fingers and wrist.

Flexbar has been proven to help with tendinitis.

Improve your grip and pinch strength with this exercise putty.

Tan- very soft. Good for arthritic fingers.

Yellow- Good for those just starting strengthening of their hands after an injury.

Pink- great if you want to upgrade and challenge but not too much.

Blue- It's like concrete! Great if you want a STRONG grip!

Heat is a great way to decrease stiffness in your fingers.

Support painful joints, decrease swelling, and more with tape.

Improved, comfortable sleep if you have hand pain or numbness and tingling.

Reduces new or old scars.

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