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Your hands deserve the best.

Take a moment to consider all the things your hands do in a day. Pretty amazing, right? 


From strumming a guitar…


To gently cradling a baby…


Hitting a golf ball down the fairway…


To writing a letter…


Digging in the garden…


To crocheting a blanket for a loved one

Your hands do it all—and more!

Your hands are intricate, finely-tuned machines, built to be both unbelievably strong and incredibly nimble.

In fact, they’re so good at what they do, there’s a good chance you’ve taken them for granted. 

If so, you’re not alone! It’s easy to ignore the outstanding job our hands, wrists, arms, and elbows do to help us live full, active lives, and to perform the hobbies and activities we love. 

That is, until hand pain, injury, or discomfort impacts the way they function. 

Suddenly, what was once effortless and fluid feels impossible. You’re frustrated at your limitations and worried you may never again be able to do all the things you enjoy. 

You’re aching to get back to your life, but how? 

At Virtual Hand Care, we’re truly passionate about helping you access the information and resources needed to recover from injuries to your hands, wrists, elbows, and more.

Our extensive collection of free YouTube videos was created with you in mind.

From this moment on, you hold the keys to unlock a treasure trove of exercises, knowledge, and advice you can trust—all with a single click

We can’t wait to see you there!

Has a hand injury impacted your life?

From painful thumb arthritis to trigger finger, carpal tunnel to elbow and wrist stiffness—many injuries can affect your ability to live life fully and engage in the activities that bring you joy. 

We rely on our hands and arms to support us and to help us lead the lives we love.  

Writers, musicians, crafters, sports enthusiasts, gardeners, and artists are all at risk of developing hand, wrist, and elbow injuries that can derail their ability to perform these treasured activities and hobbies. 



Thankfully, you have help, guidance, and support available to you—so you and your precious hands can return to feeling your best. 

Welcome to Virtual Hand Care—your trusted source for upper extremity health and wellness.

With us, all the hand and arm care resources you need are right at your fingertips! 


From our collection of over 200 YouTube videos, offering a range of expert-led exercises and advice…


To our series of programs designed to fuel your recovery…


To our helpful email newsletter that gives you ongoing info and support…

We’re here to empower you to stay motivated and focused on your recovery goals.

Because we believe in you and we’re proud to stand in your corner!

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What folks say about Virtual Hand Care

“Michelle is the real deal.” 

– K.V. –

“Michelle is a great teacher, a supportive helper, and a fun and kind person.”

– J.J. –

“Michelle is absolutely amazing! Thank God I came across her program….I am now in complete recovery, and I give her full credit. Thank you, Michelle!”

– A.B. –

“No one understands the importance of your hands like Michelle.” 

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Comprehensive recovery resources you can trust

Trust is a beautiful thing. It should never be given lightly. 

The internet is an amazing tool, but there’s also a lot of misinformation floating around online. 

When you’re working to recover from a hand, wrist, or elbow injury, it’s vital to connect with someone who can offer you the guidance and support you need to regain your strength, enhance your mobility, and reduce your pain—without putting you at risk for further injury or setbacks. 

You deserve someone you can trust to be your partner in recovery. 

Nice to meet you!

Hi there! I’m Michelle, and I created Virtual Hand Care to offer you the support I saw that was lacking in the online recovery space.

As a proud hand nerd, I’m awed by the amazing intricacy of our hands and arms. For the past 15 years and counting, I’ve dedicated myself to helping others regain function in these vital tools for life.

I’ve also witnessed firsthand what can happen when folks don’t get the recovery support and guidance they need. 

That’s why I poured my passion and knowledge into creating VHC’s series of online offerings—to ensure no one lacks the tools they need to make a complete recovery. 

Plus, I know how hand and arm injuries can affect more than just your physical abilities. They can shake your confidence, leave you feeling defeated, and take the wind out of your sails.

That’s why my approach includes a healthy dose of empathy and compassion—because you deserve to feel supported more than just physically and to know you’re not alone on your recovery journey. 

How can Virtual Hand Care help you?

We aim to offer you all you need to fuel your recovery and stay motivated to keep pushing forward. 

We celebrate your wins—both big and small. And we recognize there’s so much more to injury recovery than the physical. 

An injury to your hands or arms also impacts you on a mental and emotional level. 

We understand. 

We also know you’re busy—that’s why our offerings are designed to provide a holistic approach to health and wellness that’s streamlined, convenient, and self-led. 

You’re smart enough to know—recovery doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

You need accessible, actionable tools that fit into your life, so you can work them into your routine and complete your recovery on your terms. 

And we’ll be right here in your cheering section as you do! 

Check out some of our available offerings, to start—or jumpstart—your recovery journey now. 

And be sure to stop by our YouTube channel to view our wealth of videos on all things hand, arm, wrist, shoulder, and elbow strength, mobility, and health. 

You’ll fit right in with our amazing community of folks who share your commitment to empowered learning and recovery! 

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