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Expert-led programs for hand and arm injury recovery

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Virtual Hand Care is on a mission to deliver the support you need to recover your hand and arm mobility, function, and strength—in ways that work for you.

That’s why Michelle poured her experience and knowledge as an occupational therapist and hand specialist into her series of signature programs.

Each of her programs is laser-focused on fueling your recovery from hand and arm issues she’s an expert in treating and rehabilitating. 

Because you deserve targeted recovery support. 


Instead of one-size-fits-all offerings, overstuffed with fluff and filler…


Our programs include exercises, tools, and strategies designed to rehabilitate specific injuries.


Instead of an unhelpful overview and a scattershot approach…


Our programs dig deep into what you need to heal and increase your strength and mobility.


Instead of unqualified folks who may not know what they’re doing and could put you at risk of further injury…


Our programs were created and are led by a Board Certified Occupational Therapist and hand specialist with extensive experience treating these exact hand and arm injuries.

Don’t trust your recovery to just anyone.


Take control of your hand and arm rehabilitation with our signature programs.

Select the right offering for you, and put yourself in the driver’s seat—where you belong.

Ready to put the pedal to the metal and speed toward the recovery you deserve? 

Michelle will ride shotgun beside you—navigating the best route to your recovery destination. 

It’s time to kick off your recovery road trip. Put your favorite song on the radio, roll down the windows, and believe that you can get where you want to go. 

We’ll be right there with you—every single mile. 

30-Day Thumb Arthritis Training Program

Nothing can throw a monkey wrench into your routine like thumb arthritis. 

Suddenly, once effortless movements are painful and difficult. You realize how much you rely on your thumbs just to get through the day. And what about your hobbies?! 

Your thumb arthritis is sapping the joy from your precious free time and leaving you feeling helpless, restless, and down. 

What if there was a way to rebuild your thumb strength, nurture your joint health, and get back to enjoying your favorite activities in just four weeks?

And what if you could complete it whenever it worked for you?

It’s all possible with our 30-Day Thumb Arthritis Training Program. 

This signature program is a proven roadmap to regain your thumb strength and stability—all while minimizing painful symptom flare-ups as you heal. 

Stop letting thumb pain and stiffness have the upper hand. Reclaim the life you love with this progressive, proven 30-day program. 

Best of all? Your one-time enrollment unlocks lifetime access to this self-paced program and all its lessons and materials. That means you can return to it anytime you need a refresher or a little added support to maintain your optimal recovery.

Plus, you’ll also gain access to tons of valuable resources and freebies to take your recovery to the next level. 

Learn more about this holistic, streamlined program, and hear feedback from some of Michelle’s happy past participants—all of whom give it a big thumbs up! 

Get a Grip Mobility & Strength Program

Do you ever feel like things are slipping right through your fingers?

Metaphors aside, issues with grip strength can really affect your life. 

When every zipper, lid, and doorknob feels like a challenge to overcome, it can leave you feeling exhausted and defeated by everyday life. 

If you’re worried your fingers aren’t as strong and nimble as they once were, or have trouble with holding, pinching, or gripping—you’re not alone. 

Many people experience problems with hand strength and mobility. 

But you don’t need to accept this as your new normal. You can regain the strength and flexibility in your hands, so you can rely on them again. 

Our Get A Grip Finger Motion and Hand Strength Program will help you unleash the power of your hands and rebuild your strength—so you can handle anything life throws at you. 

This phased program was created by a certified hand therapist and occupational therapist to recover your hand and finger strength and mobility —safely and effectively. 

Packed with helpful resources, easy-to-follow videos, and expert tips and modifications, this self-paced program will be your trusted guide to rediscover the power of your amazing hands. 

Get a Grip has everything you need to stop hand issues from getting in the way of you living life on your terms. 

Learn more about this step-by-step system that’s helped so many people regain the hand strength and flexibility they deserve.

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Unlocked: Fix Your Trigger Troubles

Has trigger finger or trigger thumb got you down? 

It’s time to pull the trigger on the hand recovery you deserve! 

Maybe you feel like the only way to address this is with costly medical procedures that sideline you from doing what you love while you heal. 

If so, it’s no wonder you’ve been putting off dealing with this issue. But, in the meantime, your pain and stiffness are stopping you from living fully—and you’re not the type to sit back and watch life pass you by…

Thankfully, there’s a better way to heal your trigger troubles—fully and completely— without invasive, pricey, painful interventions. 

Michelle drew from her expertise and knowledge to create Unlocked. This signature program targets trigger troubles naturally, conveniently, and without the need for treatment approaches that offer too much risk for too little reward. 

Are you ready to unlock everything you need to get back to the life you love?


Imagine strumming your guitar without pain…


Picture yourself planting your Spring vegetables without stiffness…


Baking cookies with the grandkids without needing a break…


Enjoying a full 18 holes with your crew…


Or finishing that portrait with confident brush strokes…

You can get started anytime—Unlocked is open for enrollment and totally self-paced, so you can work on your healing and recovery when it works for you. 

Plus, your purchase unlocks lifetime access to this comprehensive program and all its materials—so you can go at your pace, review lessons as you need, and even return to it if you want a refresher. 

It’s time to put the pain, stiffness, popping, and catching behind you and embrace life without trigger troubles. 

With Michelle as your guide, your hands are in good hands.
Ready to wave hello to your bright, trigger-free future? The choice is in your hands. 

Learn more or get started today with Unlocked, our exclusive trigger finger and trigger thumb recovery roadmap. 

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Mallet Finger Treatment Program

It’s no secret—sometimes small issues can cause big problems. 

If mallet finger has you fighting a David vs. Goliath battle—you’re in good company. 

Sure, you’ve seen a doctor about this issue, but you’ve still got lots of questions and concerns. Many folks worry they don’t have all the knowledge and resources they need to effectively heal mallet finger at home. 

You want to do the right things to ensure you heal fully—but you’re plagued by worries and uncertainty about how exactly to support your optimal recovery. 

That’s why Michelle created her signature Mallet Finger Treatment program. She recognized that folks often need additional ongoing support in their recovery from this injury than most doctors can provide. 

She’ll be your trusted guide as you navigate the day-to-day steps of your mallet finger rehabilitation journey. 

She’ll give you all the support, tools, knowledge, and resources you need to not only make a full recovery but to feel calm and confident along the way.

Her Mallet Finger Treatment program is designed as a seamless complement to your doctor’s protocol—filling in the gaps and helping you stay on the right track to your complete recovery. 

In this easy-to-follow program, you’ll learn vital information that will set you up for success. 

Michelle tackles common questions head-on, so you can not only follow but understand your doctor’s recommendations for your splint-wearing and finger positioning as you heal. 

The best part? This self-paced program is available to you anytime—so you can fit your recovery into your schedule. 

We know the mallet finger recovery process is a marathon. We’re here to support and uplift you, all along the way. Because there’s a full, active life waiting for you on the other side of your healing journey. 

We’re here to lend you a hand.  

Ready to claim your empowered mallet finger recovery? 

Learn more about our exclusive program or get started today.

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