Unlock the Power of Your Hands

What if you could find FREEDOM from stiffness and learn the EXACT exercises to build strong hands?


Get a Grip is a proven step-by-step system where you’ll learn how to release your finger stiffness,  build grip and pinch strength, and win back the use of your hands.

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The struggle is REAL.

Do you ever feel like your hands just aren’t as strong or limber as they used to be? Everyday tasks like opening bottles or turning door knobs are a struggle.

It’s frustrating when simple tasks become difficult, and it can be scary to think about the long-term effects on your daily life. That’s why we created Get a Grip, the ultimate finger motion and hand strengthening program.

Regain your strength to tackle anything life throws your way.

This Get a Grip program give you a turn-key plan that allows you to confidently give your physical health, and mental health, the gift that keeps on giving. But also the foundation that will fuel your freedom from stiffness and ability to build strong, healthy hands to tackle all your favorite activities.

With expertly designed exercises divided into three phases, you’ll work your way from warming up your fingers and thumbs, to building power and endurance in your grip.

Our easy-to-follow video demonstrations and exercise tracker will guide you every step of the way, while modifications ensure that you can work at your own pace and comfort level.

Here’s what you’ll get…

A step by step, progressive exercise program tailored to stop finger stiffness, reduce joint pain, and boost dynamic grip strength for optimal hand use.

With 30 exercises spread across 3 phases, you will receive a full package of expert guidance, easy-to-follow videos, and helpful tools to ensure your success.

Phase 1: Warm up

Establish a strong foundation by learning the most effective finger and thumb exercises to overcome hand stiffness and improve flexibility.

Phase 2: Precision and Power Prep

Transition to unique stretches and exercises that emphasize coordination, dexterity, and light strengthening.

Phase 3: Grip Strength and Endurance

Challenge yourself with resistive grip and pinch exercises specifically designed to help you achieve your hand strengthening goals.

  • Step-by-Step 3 phase program focusing on exercises that prioritize quality movements over quantity
  • 30+ Hand, finger, and wrist follow along exercise videos 
  • Mini Get a Grip Workout: 15 minute Follow Along Routine
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to all materials and videos on any device
  • Modifications and pain relieving tips
  • Get a Grip Gratitude Journal

Don’t let hand stiffness and weakness hold you back any longer. Join Get a Grip today and take the first step towards unlocking the power of your hands!

The best time to get your finger motion and hand strength back is today.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, frustrated… I hear you my friend. I am here for you.

I’ll be your trainer, coach, and accountability partner on your journey to get back the motion, strength, and functional use of your hands.

You may not know where to start, or know if you are doing it right. But after you start Get a Grip, you’ll have nothing to lose and stronger hands to gain.


What others have to say

My grip strength seemed to be getting weaker as I am aging and more so since doing some intense gardening work. I could not find relief until I found Virtual Hand Care on YouTube and immediately hit “Subscribe”. From the very first video, I felt so much relief and then I found Michelle’s “Get a Grip Program!” A total game changer and the best part is I have lifetime access with no renewal cost! Now I have the tools I need to improve my grip strength, and I am noticing improvement as I work in the garden!

Bridget D.

I gave up guitar because of my injury. This program has helped me slowly gain the mobility, dexterity and strength back in my hand and fingers. I’m starting to play a few minutes a day again and I couldn’t be happier!

Chris S.

I really needed this! I had a wrist surgery in November last year and it’s been 3 months since they took off the cast. I didn’t have motion until I started your exercises 3 days ago. I know I’ll reach 100% with these exercises. Thank you 😊

No one understands the importance of your hands like Michelle. You feel as if she is your therapist and it is so nice to be able to do the exercises along with her.

Questions you may be asking before starting Get a Grip

Q: Who is appropriate for the Get a grip program?

This program is for anyone looking to maximize their hand function, improve finger or hand range of motion, reduce joint achiness and/or stiffness, increase finger and thumb dexterity, and increase grip and pinch.

Whether it be wrist/hand issues from a new or old injury, stiffness as a result of a hand fracture or surgery, or if you are someone interested in improving your finger, thumb, and overall hand health, you can benefit from this program. I make it easy and teach you how to incorporate self care to this often neglected part of our body.

Q: What common conditions is this used for?

Hand arthritis, hand/finger stiffness and pain, poor grip/pinch strength, limited finger(s) mobility particularly in flexion, healed finger/hand/thumb/wrist fractures that have resulted in stiff fingers and loss of strength, healed tendon or nerve injuries, sports related injuries, common hand conditions seen in the office athlete, and more!

Q: Is this program for me if I have a lot of pain?

Short answer- yes. Simply because I don’t believe in the no pain no gain mindset. This is often counterproductive and can cause more hand injuries in the long run. The Get a Grip program is designed to show you how to move with minimal pain. And with 3 progressive phases, you are sure to find a comfortable phase to work in.

The 1st phase begins by working through discomfort and stiffness with range of motion exercises, then you will build from there slowly with phase 2 and 3 by incorporating stretches, grip and pinch strengthening, fine motor coordination, and in hand manipulation tasks.

Furthermore, I’ve built in modifications to several exercises to improve comfort and effectiveness. With that said, I highly recommend anyone with wrist or hand issues to always start with phase 1 after getting clearance to exercise from your doctor.

Q: I recently had surgery. Can I still participate in this program?

Because there are many different surgical restrictions and protocols, it can greatly depend on what you had done. There is no way of knowing your specific situation, condition, or protocol restrictions.

With that said, we suggest a conservative approach. Meaning this program will be more appropriate once you are closer to 6-8 weeks post surgery and you have been cleared by your surgeon and/or occupational therapist or physical  therapist to begin exercising. It is always important to learn what your post operative precautions are and how long you may need to follow them. Do not hesitate to contact us should you continue to have concerns.

Q: Is this program refundable?

Due to the digital nature of our product, we no longer offer refunds. However, because we truly believe in this program, if after 30 days you are not pleased with your results we’ll gladly provide a credit toward other courses, programs, or one on one consultations.

Q: How quickly can I get started?

Immediately after purchasing you will receive an e-mail instructing you how to get started right away! Simply login with your account information and click on the Get a Grip program. This program can used on your computer, phone, or any device. You will have unlimited, 24/7 access.

Disclaimer: This “self-treatment” video is intended to provide information and instructions on general exercises that may help increase strength, mobility and function for specific areas of the body. It is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining a medical diagnosis or medical advice from a qualified, licensed provider. You should seek medical advice from a qualified physician, occupational therapist, or physical therapist, or other license healthcare professional before trying any of the exercises or self-treatment suggestions in this video, particularly if your pain is from a traumatic injury.