Online Coaching

Moving less and sitting more.

You are hardworking, but long hours spent at your desk leaves little free time for being active – let alone making trips to the gym.

The cost of not taking care of yourself is adding up.

Sure, bills are getting paid, but sitting all day isn’t doing your body any favors.

Your body just doesn’t move like it used to.

You finally get the ol’ joints moving, and then you have to sit at your desk for the next eight hours. You know the more you move throughout the day, the better.

So why is it so hard?

There just isn’t any time.

Trying to get your hectic schedule figured out?

Early mornings, late hours, and working through lunch make time for self-care impossible.

Imagine how much better you’ll feel when you make the commitment to move more.

It’s time to do something about it.

So how can you take a proactive and preventative approach to minimize pain and optimize your function?

Impact of movement is the answer.

A weekly call with a REAL person can be the extra push you need to get your body moving more.

Online consulting provides numerous benefits for your health and well-being with the flexibility, customization, and efficiency you need for success.

In the convenience of your home or office, we use functional exercise, movement, yoga therapy, and more to prevent injuries, improve posture, reduce stress, boost your mood, and, more importantly, improve your quality of life.

What is the difference between online consulting and online therapy?

With online consulting, there are no long, drawn-out assessments or evaluations.

We get right to your goals. This consulting is not physical or occupational therapy. We are not addressing a specific medical condition.

Ultimately, you are taking a proactive approach by preventing chronic conditions from developing or seeking guidance to improve your flexibility and strength.

Consulting can be an effective form of support if you desire to achieve the goal of adding exercise and movement into your day.

I am your accountability partner.

As a remote worker myself, I know how quickly aches and pains start.

Through online coaching, I keep you accountable to your goals. I guide you through movements and exercise to make sure they feel right, while making sure they can be easily incorporated throughout your day.

I’m not going to sit back and just tell you what to do.

Together, we work through the external issues that need to be overcome to reach your goals. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to your well-being.

Consulting work is forward-looking and based on empowering you to identify and achieve your desired goals.

I’m here as much as you need me to be.

If getting face-to-face is a challenge, consider this format to make changes in your health. You can’t use the excuses of traffic, time, or weather anymore.

Let me help you minimize pain and optimize your function by getting you moving more.

Fill out my contact form or call me at (469) 607-9792; we can schedule a free 20-minute call.