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Frequently asked questions

No. The exercises are not too difficult and are not meant to cause pain. Initially, you may experience soreness due to moving through your stiffness however this should subside.  Exercises are adapted to your abilities and pain tolerance. 

Session times vary from person to person. For your first virtual session, we recommend a 30 minute or 1 hour session. Follow up sessions are recommended at 15 or 30 minute sessions once or twice a week to see the best results. If you have more than one body part you need exercises for then we recommend the 1 hour session. However, YOU get to decide what is right for YOU!

Results vary per person. Fortunately, in the hand and arm results are typically seen very quickly, within a few days. At times, results may take 3-4 weeks depending on the length of time you have been experiencing pain, stiffness, or weakness.

Virtual Hand Care is an online telehealth platform connecting users with upper limb injuries to experts in the field of hand therapy. Virtual Hand Care was created due to the lack of convenient and accurate education and exercise programs for the hand, wrist, and elbow.  Virtual Hand Care has found most people, given the right dose of exercises and education, are very motivated to get their hands and arms moving again!

We don’t let insurance dictate the kind of treatment you should receive so we have opted out of network for insurance. WE want to provide YOU with quality one on one care. You will NOT receive assembly line therapy and feel like you are just a number. You may be eligible to use your health spending account which will be your responsibility to contact your carrier. We can provide a superbill on request for you to submit to your insurance. Contact your insurance carrier to see if they cover online physical or occupational therapy services.

We offer 1 week ($87), 1 month ($147), and 3 month ($297) packages. These include one on one assessments with a Physical or Occupational Therapist, a personalized program, as well as follow up visits and unlimited instant message access on our secure platform.

No. Many times household items can be used such as a  broom, water bottle, spatula, wash cloth, etc. There may be times when special equipment will be recommended but not required.

Most definitely! We want you to feel comfortable when setting up your first session. Please contact us via email at info@virtualhandcare.com

or call us at 469-607-9792.

We provide exercise, fitness, and educational programs for general conditions such as hand pain, stiffness, or weakness and wrist pain, stiffness, or weakness, etc.  If you are under the care of a physician and have a prescription for your injury; a Certified Hand Therapist must be licensed in your state to provide care. Currently, we have Certified Hand Therapists licensed in the states of Texas and Indiana. We are quickly adding more states! Therefore, if you reside in these states we can provide therapy services for your specific injury. If you do not find your state please contact us as we have a network of professionals that can provide you with the care you need!

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