In this blog post, I’m going to share my top 5 hand and wrist strengthening gift ideas for someone recovering from a broken wrist or a wrist injury.

These products are perfect for a holiday gift, birthday present, or a get well soon hand care package.

Maybe one of your friends or family members broke their wrist, or had hand surgery, and you want to do something special for them. 

Sending a gift basket, or a little gift bag, isn’t just about the physical gifts.

It also encourages, empowers, and motivates your loved one along their healing journey. 

To be honest, recovering from a hand or wrist injury can be very frustrating and even lonely. 

Daily activities such as brushing your teeth seem to require the energy of a marathoner and the strength of a bodybuilder. 

Since arm strength can sometimes take a full year to recover, you will get your money’s worth.

These gifts will get lots and lots of use. 

Keep in mind, these items are going to be for somebody that is farther along in their broken wrist recovery. All but 1 of these gift ideas are for improving grip, pinch, wrist, and forearm strength. 

Someone with a new injury may not be ready, or have approval by their doctor, to start strengthening.

However, you can save this video, or perhaps purchase these items to surprise them in a couple weeks when they’re ready.

 You can find all of these items below and in my store

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One last thing before we dive in, you’ll want to read my follow up post, or watch video 2 on my YouTube channel, where I show you how to use these recovery gifts.

Because what good are they if you don’t know all the kick butt exercises you can do with them!

Let’s introduce these Gift Ideas for Someone Recovering from a Broken Wrist.

#1 Therapy Putty

Up first is the popular, stress relieving therapy putty. 

Putty comes in many different colors or resistance levels. The resistance, or pounds of pressure, can range from extra soft to moderate to a firm resistance.

Do make sure you choose the resistance level that is right for your loved one.

If you have somebody that had very strong hands before their injury and their goal is to get 100% of their strength back, then I would recommend purchasing a couple of resistance levels. 

This way they can easily upgrade their grip and pinch strength as they get stronger.

One quick tip, make sure you tell your friend to keep the putty in the container with the lid on when not using it. I’m assuming you want to keep this person as a friend or family member. 

Because the putty is very relaxing and soothing, I’ve had many people fall asleep and the putty oozes out of their hand. Andddddd gets stuck on their sheets.

You could end up having to purchase a new set of sheets too.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


Gift Ideas for Someone Recovering from a Broken Wrist

#2 TheraBand™ FlexBar™

The 2nd hand and wrist strengthening gift idea is a Flexbar. The Flexbar should be a part of your wrist recovery care package because there are countless exercises you can do. 

These come in different colors and diameters in size. The larger the diameter the more resistance or force.

With these, you can work towards improving your grip and pinch strength as well as wrist and forearm strength. You can even get a good shoulder workout too.

The Flexbar also comes with instructions and pictures of exercises to try.

Gift Ideas for Someone Recovering from a Broken Wrist

#3 Therabands or Exercise Bands

Continuing on with more gift ideas for someone recovering from a broken wrist or hand injury brings me to Therabands or exercise bands. 

These exercise bands come in different colors to indicate light, moderate, and firm resistance levels. It’s always smart to get multiple resistance levels because you never know what somebody’s strength is like after a wrist injury.

It can take several months to restore power and strength.

So you may be using a light resistance band for the first month, then increase to the next level for another month, and so on. 

There are many, many exercises you can do with the Theraband, from forearm strengthening to wrist strengthening to biceps to triceps to shoulder exercises. 

Remember, I will demonstrate more specific exercises that your friend or loved one can do with exercise bands in my follow up post and video.


Gift Ideas for Someone Recovering from a Broken Wrist

#4 Powerweb

Similar to the already mentioned items, the Powerweb comes in different resistance levels. The unique thing about this gift is you can purchase two different resistances in one Powerweb. 

Here I have a yellow and green Powerweb. One half is yellow giving a light resistance and the green half is a medium resistance. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to purchase multiple webs. 

If you have large hands or don’t like that option, you can get one resistance level per Powerweb.

The other reason why I like the web is because you can spread your fingers out wide and strengthen your hand with a larger grasp. 

Unlike the other products, with the Powerweb, you can use it to stretch your wrist and fingers. 

This can be helpful if you still need to work on range of motion. Pushing into the web can provide a nice wrist stretch but also safely introduce weight into your wrist. 


Gift Ideas for Someone Recovering from a Broken Wrist

#5 Massage Ball

Finally, my last gift idea is a massage ball.

There’s nothing more rewarding than massaging those sore muscles. 

The massage ball can be used for trigger points, scar desensitization, increasing circulation, reducing post workout soreness, or you can create your own exercises with the ball. 

But you don’t have to use it as a massage ball. 

Toss it in the air, play catch, or throw it back and forth between both hands. These types of activities can increase speed, reaction time, and proprioception which can be diminished after a broken wrist.


That rounds out our top 5 hand and wrist strengthening gift ideas for someone recovering from a broken wrist or wrist injury. 

Now don’t forget to wrap them up, in an easy to open package, of course. 

Once you gift these products, you’ll want to share my video with your friend or family member on how to use these recovery gifts.

This is where I demonstrate at least 10 hand, wrist, and forearm strengthening exercises using all the gift ideas shown above.

And for your convenience here is a clickable list of where you can find these products.

✅ On the Virtual Hand Care store






PUTTY (multiple resistances)






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