This is honestly one of the best and most comfortable ways to stop finger numbness and hand pain at night. 

Say goodbye to hand numbness and hello to sweet dreams. Sleepless nights are a thing of the past with the Pil-O Splint

In this blog post, I’ll take a closer look at the Pil-O Splint and how you can benefit if you’re struggling to catch some zzzzz’s.

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Who can benefit from the Pil-O splint

This comfy splint was created by an experienced orthopedic surgeon and hand surgeon who has helped numerous people with various hand conditions.

Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis, and wrist or hand pain can benefit from wearing the Pil-O splint. Anyone looking to stop finger numbness and hand pain at night.

Additionally, anyone who recently had a cast removed after a fracture or surgery would find the Pil-O splint helpful. Especially, if you are having difficulty sleeping due to fear of hurting yourself or experiencing pain from the lack of support provided by your cast.

Quality and materials used

The Pil-O splint is latex free. It has a soft cotton lining on the inside that is very comfortable for your fingers to rest on.

It’s constructed with breathable foam and covered with a soft poly flannel that acts as an insulator to keep your fingers and wrist warm at night. Which can help reduce finger stiffness when you wake up.

There are two rigid, plastic dorsal stays that immobilize your hand, wrist, and fingers in a neutral position. The plastic makes the splint light weight unlike a lot of other braces that use heavy metal.

In order to stop finger numbness and hand pain at night, you must prevent your wrists from curling or flexing. Bent wrists can compress the carpal tunnel area. 

The Pil-O splint blocks your wrists from bending without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.

Because hands can get stinky and sweaty, you can hand wash and air dry only. 

A helpful suggestion is to purchase 2 to allow time for drying.

Comfort and Support

The Pil-O splint features a universal design, allowing it to be worn on either hand. Therefore, saving you from having to buy multiple splints if both of your hands are affected by numbness during the night.

Your whole hand will feel supported because it fits the entire length of your forearm up to your fingertips. 

Wear Pil-O splint to Stop Finger Numbness and Hand Pain at Night

This is very helpful if you clench your fingers or curl your wrists at night. You may even notice less swelling in your hand and fingers from the gentle uniform compression.

Another feature that most night time splints do not have is the soft, tiny “pillow” inside. 

The pillow is filled with recyclable ergo beads for added comfort. This keeps the natural curve of your palm which reduces palmar tightness and stiffness from not moving all night. 

Incredibly effortless to wear

All you have to do is just slip the splint over your fingers. It’s way simpler than other wrist support options where you have to mess with velcro. 

No worrying about velcro wearing out or ruining your blankets and pajamas. 

There is a hole for your thumb to stick out however, you don’t necessarily have to use it. With enough room inside, you could comfortably place your thumb in or out of the splint.

Now there is an Adjustable Pil-O splint option, if you have a lot of swelling or have larger hands or forearms.

What does it cost to stop finger numbness and hand pain at night?

It’s not that expensive to start getting a good night sleep. Cost of the Pil-O splint ranges from $38-$50 USD depending on where you purchase it from. You can find it here on the Virtual Hand Care store or other online stores such as Amazon.

This is very reasonable for the quality of this product and similar to other products boasting the same night time relief.


One thing you want to keep in mind when wearing this Pil-O splint is to make sure you put it on right before bed. And by that I mean, you’ve turned out the lights and you’re ready to sleep. 

Or you will have a hard time using your hand because you can’t move your wrist or fingers. 

Using the bathroom, or reading, or doing anything else will be nearly impossible. However, not that big of a deal. Remember you can easily just take the splint off in seconds.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you have numbness and tingling on both hands you may need one for each hand. And if you live alone, you may have a difficult time putting one on the other hand. 

It’s getting hot in here

Because there is a lot of foam padding inside, you may find yourself getting a little warm since your whole hand and forearm will be covered. 

So if you’re someone that gets hot easily at night, or you’re wearing this during the summer, you may want to find other ways to keep cool.

Tips for wearing the Pil-O Splint effectively to stop finger numbness and hand pain at night

The Pil-O splint should be worn only at night, not during the day. This could lead to unwanted stiffness of your hand and wrist.

I also suggest wearing this Pil-O splint consistently every night, especially if you are experiencing numbness and tingling of your fingers from carpal tunnel syndrome. 

This can reduce the compression on your median nerve by keeping your wrist in a neutral position. Therefore, the less you compress your nerve, the faster it can heal.

Is it really carpal tunnel syndrome?

Finally, if your small finger is causing numbness and tingling at night, it could be due to cubital tunnel syndrome. This is compression of your ulnar nerve at your elbow. In that case, you may need this adjustable elbow support for night time use.

That is why it is always important to have a medical professional truly evaluate your symptoms because your finger numbness could be coming from nerve compression elsewhere. 

Your neck, shoulder, and forearm are also common locations that can cause numbness and tingling.


To wrap it up, the Pil-O Splint is an excellent product if you suffer from hand pain, finger numbness, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. 

With its comfortable materials and easy fit, it provides a reliable solution for managing the symptoms affecting your sleep. And your quality of life!

If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to stop finger numbness and hand pain at night, the Pil-O Splint may be worth considering.

Keep in mind, splints alone may not stop your night time numbness. If you’re looking for more ways to help with your hand arthritis, or stop numbness and tingling try these carpal tunnel relief exercises now.