Follow these 5 simple steps to keep your hands healthy and free from stiffness and pain for a long time.

Step 1

This means to make minor changes to get the job done. Lets use meal prep for example. Sliding objects on the counter when ever possible is easier on your fingers than carrying heavy pots or dishes.

Use larger, stronger muscles such as your bicep to lift or carry bags and purses to avoid straining your smaller finger joints.

Step 2

Doing this can make things less complicated then they need to be. To avoid repetitive chopping or awkward prolonged grasp on a knife use pre-cut fruits and vegetables.

Purchase oven ready noodles to avoid lifting a heavy pot of water, and place heavier or more frequently used items within easy reach.

Step 3

You may be thinking ‘I move my hands all the time’. But do you move them gently through their full range of motion several times a day. Think about it… are sitting at the computer typing all day at work.

Do you stop to make a gentle fist? How about isolating the little joints in your fingers? Try it. You may notice the fingers are initially stiff but over time they will loosen up quickly and maintain their mobility.

Step 4

Sometimes using assisted devices or adaptive equipment can take the frustration out of tasks that other wise can be hard on your hands.

Using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse can place less stress on your fingers and prevent carpal tunnel symptoms.

Using large handled utensils can decrease the grasping load required for smaller handled ones. Lastly, using an electric can and jar opener can prevent excessive strain to your hands.

Step 5

Pampering is not something we do for our hands nearly enough. Sometimes we get our nails done however that is more for aesthetic purposes. When was the last time you had a massage on your hand?

Use a paraffin (wax) bath, like the one shown below, to help seal in natural oils leaving your hands feeling soft and refreshed. The heat from the paraffin will also help loosen up stiff finger joints.

Another tip is to simply roll a small ball over the muscles in your hand to help release stiffness, tension, and tightness.

Spending just a few minutes a day and taking small but simple steps can help prolong the health of your hands.

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