Are you struggling with swollen and stiff fingers? Finger swelling can become a real problem. It’s important to stop finger swelling before it leads to chronic edema, finger stiffness, joint pain, and loss of motion. 

Not to mention as time goes on, your risk for developing a finger deformity increases. 

I’m sure you’d like to avoid that.

In this blog post, we’ll explore three fantastic products that can help stop finger swelling and get you back to feeling like your usual self.

Whether you’ve had a finger injury or surgery, these products can provide the relief you need. 

If you want to see these products up close, catch my 3 Products to Stop Finger Swelling and How to Use Them YouTube video.

So let’s dive right in!

Stop Finger Swelling with Silicone Gel cap

Stop finger swelling with silicone gel cap

Product number one on our list is the silicone gel cap. These caps come in different sizes, so be sure to choose the appropriate one for your finger. Using the gel cap is a breeze—simply slide it onto your swollen finger and roll it down as far as it can go. 

Rolling silicone gel cap on finger

If you have longer fingers and need extra coverage, you can even trim the top to customize it to your finger. 

The gel cap applies light compression, preventing new fluid from entering the finger and promoting drainage of existing swelling. 

Finger flexing with Silicone gel cap on

What’s great is that you can still move your finger while wearing it, allowing you to go about your daily activities without hindrance.


Stop Finger Swelling with Coban or Self Adherent Wrap

Next up is Coban, aka self-adherent wrap, a true favorite in the fight against finger swelling. 

Coban works wonders by reducing swelling and adhering to itself without leaving any residue on your skin. 

It comes in various colors and sizes, but for fingers, the one-inch Coban is a top choice. 

Stop finger swelling by applying 1 Inch Coban

When applying Coban, start at the top of your finger and wrap it around, allowing the swelling to drain downward. 

Be sure to overlap the wrap halfway to ensure even compression throughout. 

Avoid stretching the Coban too much, as it can constrict and impair your finger’s circulation.

Wrapping your whole finger, even if the swelling is localized to one joint, will help the fluid drain effectively. 

Remember that washing your hands with Coban on can be a bit tricky, but you can wear gloves over it for added convenience.


Stop Finger Swelling with Tape

Last but not least, we have tape—specifically kinesiology tape, also known as K Tape, Rock tape, or Muscle Aid tape

Tape is skin-friendly and comes in various colors. Unlike Coban, it’s safe to get wet, making it a convenient choice for frequent hand washers. 

Kinesiology tape works by giving the skin a gentle lift, allowing for drainage of residual swelling. 

Before applying the tape, make your hands are clean and free from lotions or oils for optimal adhesion. 

Stop finger swelling step by step tape

First, estimate the length you need by measuring from the tip of your finger to just past your large knuckle. Now cut the two-inch tape in half. 

You’ll have 2 one-inch strips but you only need one of those. 

Next cut a few inches along the strip, creating “spider legs.” Leave a small 1 inch anchor piece intact. 

Tear the paper backing from the anchor piece and apply it to the back of your hand with no stretch. 

Rub the anchor piece to activate the glue. Next remove the paper off one of the spider leg pieces. Apply each piece with a 10% tension, applying them along the length of your finger without overlapping.

To clarify, you’re pulling the tape up towards your fingertip.

If your tape is long, simply wrap it over your nail or cut off the access.

How this works

The tape redirects the swelling towards the anchor point to stop finger swelling and promote drainage.


How to use them

Remember, these products can be used in combination or individually, depending on your preferences and needs. 

You may find it beneficial to wear the silicone gel cap at night for swelling relief and use Coban or kinesiology tape during the day for ongoing support. 

Experiment with different options to discover what works best for you.



Of course there are many other ways to stop finger swelling. Always be gentle with your joints and avoid aggressive exercises that may exacerbate swelling. 

Stay hydrated to prevent excessive fluid retention in your body. With these tips and the assistance of these effective products, you’ll be on your way to reducing finger swelling and regaining comfort and mobility.

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