Are you tired of the sharp pain in your thumb every time you try to grasp or pinch something? Well, let’s fix that! In this blog post, you’ll be introduced to 2 of the best thumb arthritis braces that can provide you with much-needed pain relief. 

I’ll review these braces based on material, comfort, adjustability, cost, and function. So, let’s dive right in!

Push® MetaGrip® Thumb Brace:

  1. First up, we have the Push MetaGrip thumb brace. This sleek and minimalistic brace offers excellent support around the base of your thumb and through your thumb web space. 

The brace prevents a painful collapsing effect that often happens with thumb use.

The best part? It supports your thumb CMC joint without restricting motion. Ultimately, allowing you to actually use your thumbs for your favorite activities.

Find the Push® MetaGrip® Thumb Brace on my store or on the Virtual Hand Care Amazon storefront.

Comfort Cool® Thumb Brace:

2. Next on our list is the Comfort Cool thumb brace, which covers more surface area and provides a little extra compression and support. It features a contoured, patented strap that wraps through the thumb web space, offering constant support around your entire thumb.

Plus, you can still use your hand to grip and pinch things while wearing this brace. 

Find the Comfort Cool® Thumb Brace on my store or on the Virtual Hand Care Amazon storefront.

Both of these thumb arthritis braces support your thumb CMC joint without over immobilizing your thumb, or crossing the wrist unnecessarily.

If you prefer to see these braces for yourself, catch my 2 Best Thumb Arthritis Braces Product Review Youtube video here:


The Push MetaGrip brace is made of polyurethane with an embedded metal piece around the thumb CMC joint, providing support while maintaining flexibility. 

On the other hand, the Comfort Cool brace is made of a breathable neoprene. Inside is a lightweight, antimicrobial, soft terry cloth liner for comfort and to help absorb excess moisture.


Both braces are latex-free, making them suitable for people with skin sensitivities and allergies, or hot summer days. 

Washing Instructions:

Remember to hand wash in cool water and air dry them to increase their lifespan.

Ease of Use:

You’ll find putting on both of these best thumb arthritis braces a breeze! The Comfort Cool brace is easy to wear—just slide your hand in, secure the velcro on the back of your hand, and wrap the strap around your thumb. Adjusting the velcro ensures the perfect fit. 

Comfort cool how to put on

The Push MetaGrip, with its simple design, requires minimal effort. Loosen the straps, slide your hand in, and tighten or loosen the straps on the back of your hand as needed. It’s that simple!


While the Push MetaGrip offers great stability and support, you may find the harder material uncomfortable, especially if you have more pronounced bony changes in your thumb. In fact,  the Push MetaGrip website states that it’s not recommended if you have more advanced stages of thumb arthritis. 

If that sounds like you, the Comfort Cool shines in the comfort category. Made of a softer neoprene material, it eliminates any discomfort caused by hard pieces rubbing sensitive areas. Plus, you can trim the neoprene around your thumb if it feels too tight. 


Here’s where you’ll see a significant difference between the two braces. The Push MetaGrip ranges from $80 to $90 USD, while the Comfort Cool costs only $20 to $30 USD. If you opt for the Comfort Cool, you may want to purchase two to have a spare considering it’s made of fabric.

It may get stinky and you might want to wash or replace it over time. However, even with two Comfort Cool braces, you’ll still spend less than on a single Push brace.

Special Considerations:

If you have hand swelling, you may need to wear a compression glove. Luckily, the Push MetaGrip allows you to wear a glove under the brace, providing both compression and support. 

Additionally, if you work in the medical field or an industry requiring glove usage, the sleek design of the Push brace may be more suitable. Keep in mind, you could wear a glove over the Comfort Cool, however you may need a larger glove size.

If you have both thumb and wrist pain, then these braces will not help your wrist pain. Luckily, the Comfort Cool also comes in a wrist and thumb support. With a wide wrist wrap plus thumb strap, you get targeted relief to your thumb and wrist.


To ensure you select the right size, make sure you measure your hand correctly. Both the Push MetaGrip and Comfort Cool braces come with measuring charts, so make sure to follow the instructions. You’ll need a flexible (sewing) measuring tape to measure around your metacarpals accurately. 

Secondly, you’ll need to choose the correct side for your affected thumb. Unfortunately, neither of these braces are universally designed.

So take a moment to identify which thumb needs the brace to ensure you make the right selection. By paying attention to these details, you can ensure a proper fit and maximum effectiveness of the braces in relieving your thumb arthritis pain.

Best Thumb Arthritis Braces Conclusion:

Well, did I convince you that these 2 are the best thumb arthritis braces? With the Push MetaGrip and Comfort Cool thumb braces, you can find the relief and support you need without sacrificing mobility. 

Choose the Push MetaGrip for a sleek and minimalist design or the Comfort Cool for extra comfort and affordability. 

Whichever you pick, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying pain-free thumbs and regaining control over your daily activities. Say goodbye to thumb arthritis pain and hello to a happier, more functional thumb!

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