BEST HOT AND COLD PACKS: Get Neck, Arm, and Hand Pain Relief (Product Review)

If you’ve dealt with any kind of aches and pains anywhere in your body you’ve probably noticed that applying moist heat, or maybe cold, offers a bit of relief. 

Often, the heat decreases your stiffness, which in return, helps you move a little bit better.

Learn 5 Reasons to Use Moist Heat for Hand Pain and Stiffness here.

On the flip side, the cold can reduce your swelling or inflammation.

With so many hot or cold packs available, how do you know which one is right for you?

To help you decide, I’m going to share a product review of 3 of the BEST HOT AND COLD PACKS for pain relief from Sunny Bay.

I’ve personally tried all three of these dual purpose hot and cold wraps. I find them very effective at helping my painful, stiff joints.

To make it easy, I’m going to break this article down into quality, versatility, cost, and instructions on how to use these heating wraps.

This way you can make an informed decision whether these might be right for you.

Make sure you read the whole post because at the end, I’ll share which one I personally recommend!

Best hot and cold packs for pain relief

The 3 best hot and cold packs for hand pain relief are:

Extra Large Body Heating Wrap,

XL heating wrap for hand pain relief

XL Hands-Free Neck Heating Wrap

Original Hands-Free Neck Heating Wrap.

London plaid colored moist heat and cold wrap

Even though I am referring to these as heating wraps, they can be used for cold too. More on that later.


Quality of Heat Wraps 

First, let’s look at quality. When researching the best hot and cold wraps for hand pain relief, you’ll want to make sure they can withstand hours and hours of use. 

All of these wraps are American made here in the United States, near Seattle, Washington. The filling is made of a natural non-chemical processed flax seed. 

The flax seed filling absorbs the hot or cold moisture in the air and retains the temperature for several minutes.

Personally, I’d rather use a hot pack filled with natural flax seed, than plastic or other synthetic fillers found in many other moist heating pads.

Additionally, the hands free neck wraps are made of an ultra soft, anti-pill fleece material that is comfortable and soothing on your skin. While the Extra large wrap has a removable, machine washable cotton cover. 

XL heating wrap with removable cover

Calming Relief

As an option, these heat wraps also come scented which adds a relaxing, calming energy. Their lavender is produced by Washington state farmers too.


Comfort and Style

The dual purpose hot and cold packs come in different colors and styles.

Here I have the London plaid, sky blue, and navy blue.

A feature that adds to the quality of these wraps are the sewn compartments.

This is something I find really important when you are looking for hot packs. You will want a hot pack, or wrap, that has individually, sewn compartments full of filling. If not, then the filling will move all over the place. 

Having sewn compartments allows the filling or flaxseed to stay in place. This ensures an even application of heat or cold on your skin.

Rest assured these Sunny Bay heating wraps are densely filled. Keep in mind this adds quite a bit of weight to the hot pack.

So if you have a weight restriction with what you can lift or carry, or you’ll want to be mindful.  


Versatility of Heat Wraps 

These wraps are very versatile because you can use them for both heat and cold application. Place them in your microwave to heat, or you stick them in the freezer if you find more relief with cold therapy.

Hands free heating neck wrap with strap

All Body Parts Welcome

The shape and size of these wraps gives flexibility on where and how you can use them.

Simply place these hands-free neck heating wraps around your arm, knee, shoulder, back…you get the idea. You really can use these on multiple body parts. Big or small!

An added bonus is the elastic band that helps hold the wrap around your neck or arm. Making it more hands-free. 

Perfect for all you multi-taskers.

Although, save the extra large body wrap for larger areas such as your back or stomach. You can still use it for an achy elbow, or knee. But it’s also big enough to put both hands in. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about purchasing two different hot packs for each hand.



The extra large body wrap is going to be about $39.99 USD

The regular hands free neck wraps will start at $23 USD and the XL hands free neck wraps will cost around $27 USD.

Honestly, I think you get a really great quality product for that cost and the owner is wonderful to work with.


Instructions on How to Use your Heat Wraps 

Moist Heat Application

If you’re looking to use these for moist heat, then you will heat them up in your microwave for 60 seconds. Then increase your time by 10 second increments until you reach your desired heat.

Keep in mind, you will want to start with 2 minutes then increase by 10 second increments if you are heating the extra large body wrap.

Luckily, all of these wraps come with instructions on how to use them. Of course, microwave times vary greatly, as does tolerance for temperature varies person to person.

Basically, start with about 60 seconds for the smaller neck wraps and start with about two minutes for the bigger wraps. Then increase your time in 10 second increments from there.

Image of large heating wrap applied over neck

Cold Application

There may be times when your joints feel swollen or inflamed and cold feels better. What you want to do in that case is put your wrap in the freezer for about an hour before you want to use it.

I usually recommend using the cold wrap for 15 to 20 minutes. However, the flax seed filling will retain the cold for up to 30 minutes.


My Favorite Heat Wrap 

Finally, after trying out these best hot and cold packs for hand pain relief, as promised, I want to share my favorite.


Surprise, surprise. I really like the extra large body wrap because of the versatility. I like that it can be used on a large body part but then I can use it on a smaller body part like my hands.

After heating and freezing, day after day, using it on your back, your hands, etc… How can you not be a fan of the washable cover?

Not to mention, your achy joints will thank you!