Hello, I’m Michelle!  

If you found your way to this page, it’s because you have either experienced an injury to your arm or hand; or you are interested in preventing nagging aches, pains or pins and needles from becoming more than just annoying

Perhaps you’re having a hard time navigating through the sea of information you found online OR you can’t seem to find any details on what is ailing you.


We are dedicated to creating a cutting edge recovery experience that makes rehabilitating an injury from home a convenient and achievable option.

A New Concept in Rehabilitation Recovery

We are marrying technology with effective and conveniently designed recovery workouts to make your rehabilitation safe and convenient. 

We believe you should have access to quality care to help you recover from injury or conditions affecting your hands, wrists, elbows, or shoulder regardless of location, time, or financial constraints.

help people with hand injuries
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