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Finger and hands injuries

Heal finger or hand pain. prevent stiffness. improve function.

Don’t wait months, or worse, years to address your finger or hand pain, stiffness, or weakness!  There are many reasons why your fingers can become stiff or painful. Finger and hand pain can make simple tasks such as getting dressed, cooking, cleaning, or opening doors difficult. 

Often simple stretches and exercises can help minimize your finger pain and stiffness. See our Frequently Asked Questions below where we answer common questions many people like you have had regarding finger or hand pain and stiffness.

treat trigger finger

Don't spend it in pain!

Here is a video sample of just one exercise we provide to help prevent finger and hand pain.

FAQ on finger and hand injuries

Most frequent questions and answers

There can be many causes of hand and/or finger pain. A traumatic injury can cause pain or stiffness. Repetitive use of your hand from typing, working, lifting, turning, etc., can cause inflammation of the tendons of your hand which can lead to pain.

In fact, there are several conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, trigger finger, tendonitis, and many others that can cause pain and stiffness.

Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose your specific condition. See our disclaimer. However, if you are experiencing hand pain or stiffness a Virtual Hand Care Specialist can helpSchedule today!

There are many helpful exercises you can perform to regain motion, strength, and use. For example, a gentle hand exercise can be spreading your fingers out as far as you can, then squeezing them together, or gently squeezing a warm wash cloth.

If you are looking to get back to doing what you want without surgery, injections, or medications  sign up with a Virtual Hand Care Specialist today!

However, if you have sustained a serious injury you should seek treatment from a doctor due to some injuries requiring brief periods of immobilization. 

If you have sustained a traumatic injury to your hand…..yes! We can not emphasize the importance of seeing a Board Certified, Fellowship trained Hand Surgeon for your hand injury. Seeing a surgeon does not mean you will need surgery. A Board Certified, Fellowship trained hand surgeon is the most qualified to provide appropriate treatment and have the best outcomes. If you have not sustained an injury and are in need of simple exercises or education on your hand pain or stiffness out Virtual Hand Care specialist can help!

There are many splints that can help calm painful joints and tendons in the hand, fingers, or thumb.  However, prolonged splinting is never a good thing unless you have been advised by your doctor or health care professional. Some splints can provide a soft immobilization which will allow you to move comfortably and some splints are harder and are more restrictive. This is dependent on your particular need.

Sports related hand injuries are hard to prevent. Any time you are participating in an uncontrolled sport or environment injuries can easily happen. However, there are many tips to prevent hand or finger injuries. Using grips, gloves, or tape can provide external support, less impact, and force on your joints. Also, improving strength and stability with exercises can keep you muscles and ligaments strong with unpredictable activities. 

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