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How does Virtual Hand Care work?

hand therapist
hand therapist
hand pain

Common Conditions we help:

Pain and Stiffness of the
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Trigger Finger

Finger Fractures/Dislocations
Wrist Fractures
Elbow Fractures
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Injury Prevention Programs
Ergonomic Assessments
Wellness Checks

More Effective than Traditional Therapy

online hand therapy

Get better faster

online hand therapy

Save time and money

online hand therapy

Tailored program for your needs

online hand therapy

Reach your goals

Customer reviews

What people are saying?

See what Patrick says about Virtual Hand Care

Thank you for taking the time to make something that is so helpful to so many of us who have hand/finger issues from surgery or an accident. 
James P.
Thank you so much for this! I didn't get much direction from my doctors after my trigger finger surgery as to what exercise to be doing, and I was freaking out about the stiffness in my fingers until I found you. So helpful!
Shoshana M.
Thank you for doing this video. The exercises have been very helpful in regaining my mobility back.
Olga A.
Wow! you are amazing my ring finger was stiff and I did these exercises and Wala it works!!thank you so much
Brenda B.
I punched a wall and got my ring and little fingers fractured...I now got the movement, thanks to your videos, I did all the exercises and it worked well! You have given me hope to recover from the pain I'm going through mentally and physically.
Sumit M.

It's tough doing daily activities, hobbies, and sports without the use of your arms.

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